Oskar at One


Met up with Oskar and his parents for a Sunday morning shoot last week. The withering weather has turned Madison's usual green places to shades of yellow and brown, but you can always count on the Capitol to boast an emerald lawn. As it turned out, getting up to the square was half of the fun, as shaded slices of King Street provided relief from the heat, with old brickwork providing ample nooks and crannies to duck into along the way.

Oskar has a serious, confident demeanor I love. He won't be tricked or coerced into doing anything he doesn't want to (ask his godparents, above), for which he wins lots of respect from me. So we hung out while we explored the sidewalk, which he did with a huge smile on his face, alternately brandishing his head gear with swagger and ridiculousness. Once we actually reached the lawn on the Square, we didn't have much time before the sprinklers did a number on us, a reminder of WHY the grass stays green there. Hadn't thought of that.