Door County


There is no better way to suffer through a Wisconsin heat wave than to head straight to Door County. It's hot there too, but not quite as bad, and the water is never very far away. My folks used to bring us camping at Peninsula State Park every summer when I was a kid, and good memories are around every corner. I distinctly remember learning how to hoot like a Great Horned Owl while on a night hike with my dad... eating Wilson's ice cream while watching the parasailers glide back and forth in Ephraim... and not getting a rainbow unicorn lollipop, no matter how many time we asked for one, from the sweets shop in Fish Creek.

We met up with my friend, Lillie, and her kids on Saturday and hit the beach with the crew. I've never seen Sebastian be gentle or cuddly with any of his peers, but the second he sat down next to Anna, his arm was around her and didn't want to leave. I love how serious the gang looks above at left - like angsty, depressed teenagers - and in a flash, it's back to cuteness.