Newborn Photography Sessions in Madison, Wisconsin

If you are looking for a Madison newborn photographer... congratulations! I hope you're looking forward to the world of surprise, love, and chaos coming your way. It's going to be SO cool. And crazy. You're gonna love it.

Newborn photography is a class of portraiture unto itself. It is similar to photographing dogs (who have no idea what you are doing with that camera and don't really care) but more difficult because at least the dogs like the attention. Newborn babies care about only one thing: feeling cozy. And cozy means momma, milk, sleep, warmth, and a dry diaper... that's it. Photography is conspicuously not on the list, so during newborn portrait sessions we give mama and baby lots of space and capture the moments we can. 

Newborn photography takes time, so get ready to relax and go with the flow. We give the baby plenty of time to eat, pee, poop, cry, and rock with momma, and all those things can make for fun pictures. Eventually, the kid will nod off and look angelic, and we'll get that too.

Newborn Portait Session Logistics

Newborn photography hits a sweet spot 6 to 12 days from birth, when the baby is still sleeping a lot and parents have had time to bond with the babe. In my experience, most parents are feeling confident with caretaking at this point and are also psyched to have something fun to do. I recommend setting aside 3-4 hours for newborn shoots, as feeding, changing, and rocking sessions are frequent and take time.

Newborn Photography Pricing

I charge $425 for newborn photo sessions. This includes the photo shoot itself, post-processing afterwards, and a high-resolution set of proof images for your family. Retouched prints, albums, and other products are available at a la carte pricing. Travel outside of Madison is $0.55/mile and $50/hour transit time.

If you are looking for a Madison, WI newborn photographer and like my work, please contact me and we can discuss a game plan. Thanks and congratulations!