Wedding Make-Up Photos in Olbrich Park, Madison WI

My first wedding make-up shoot. After their Utah wedding day was completely and mercilessly rained out, these two moved to Madison to start the new chapter in their lives. But they hung onto their celebratory duds and soon enough, they were ready to to reclaim their basic American right to gorgeous wedding portraits. We chose Olbrich Gardens because it was the best place to find some flowers still hanging on in late May AND it is the perfect place to get married after work on a Tuesday. I am always impressed by structure, color and tranquility at Olbrich and feel really lucky to have it just down the street from our house.

Current River National Scenic River, Missouri

Always good for a northerner to head south towards end of winter to avoid going crazy during winter's last icy pangs. An Ozark river trip in early April generally hits the spot. This year, I invited a bunch of fantastic gentlemen I rarely get to spend time with and we ended up a group of nine. Left home at 5 AM on a Thursday, back by 7 PM on Sunday night. Just want an ailing soul needs to get set straight again.