Corporate Headshots Create a More Intimate Workplace

Roche NimbleGen is a Madison biotech firm owned by Roche, a much larger Swiss company. Roche invests in staff headshots as a way for their employees to know each other better. As a multi-national business with thousands of employees, headshots associated with email and other internal technologies enable co-workers to pair sharp, modern, flattering images with work communications, which in turn fosters closer, more intimate relationships amongst far-flung staff. It's certainly not the same as being able to enjoy a coffee break in person with a co-worker, but I love that the firm sees the value in providing this service for their staff.

Headshots on Lake Mendota with Madison Author Melissa Falcon Field

I have been lucky over the last few years to work with some really fantastic Madison writers, including Susan Gloss (Vintage), Michelle Wildgen (Bread and Butter), Chloe Benjamin (Anatomy of Dreams), Judith Mitchell (A Reunion of Ghosts), and Jesse Gant and Nick Hoffman (Wheel Fever). I recently got together with Melissa Falcon Field, another fine local author, to shoot headshots for her upcoming book. A Connecticut native, Melissa Falcon Field relocated to Madison a few years ago and has been working on publishing her first novel (What Burns Away, January 2015) while doing freelance writing and teaching with the Madison Writers' Studio. If you get a chance to see her read around Madison (or elsewhere), do so; her personality is a dichotomous balance of East Coast boldness and Maine coast humility. We shot on the lakefront in Shorewood Hills and I think we created some great work for her to represent herself with. Looking forward to reading her words in the new year.

Student Headshots on Campus at UW-Madison

Kasia is a Fulbright scholar doing post-doc work at the UW in both the Education and Business schools, specializing in setting up international study abroad programs across the globe. Since it was Spring Break week and campus was empty, we met at the Education school and took advantage of its big, bright windows and interesting architectural nooks and crannies to do a natural light shoot. Being next door to Science Hall was too much to resist, so we hopped over there for a while too. Love shooting in the rich, interesting character the classic campus buildings bring, even if that doesn't show up in the shots.

Headshots and Group Portrait at Hawks Quindel Milwaukee.

Attorneys at the Milwaukee office of Hawks Quindel, S.C.

Attorneys at the Milwaukee office of Hawks Quindel, S.C.

I visited the Milwaukee offices of Hawks Quindel, S.C. earlier this week to update their firm portrait and a few attorney headshots. These folks have gorgeous offices in one of the great old warehouse buildings in Milwaukee's Third Ward, with lots of brick and exposed steel beams. Always nice to be in this neighborhood and a good excuse to stop in MIAD, across the street, to check out student work.

Hawks Quindel is one of the premiere plantiff-side Wisconsin employment law practices, helping workers of all kinds deal with issues like harassment, discrimination, severance agreements, workers compensation, social security disability, etc. HQ also has a strong Milwaukee family law practice, led by attorney Amy Shapiro who was named best divorce lawyer in Milwaukee a few years ago. Rich Saks was one of the attorneys at the lead of the Wisconsin voter ID law challenge, and Tim Hawks and Barbara Quindel have been representing big unions for educators, journalists, healthcare workers, and others for years. If you ever need a good attorney in the employment or family realms, these folks are the best.