Interiors, John Muir Home, Martinez, CA

John Muir grew up in Wisconsin and studied at UW-Madison, just like me. But then he went on to change the world, which I haven't quite figured out yet. While he was helping America develop its environmental ethic, writing inspiring accounts of his wilderness adventures, and pushing for stewardship amongst state and national governments, he lived here, on a ranch in Martinez, California. The house is now the John Muir National Historic Site, open to the public for a glimpse of the sacred space Muir maintained for himself and his family. Wonderful for the Muir family and the National Parks Service to maintain the home as a public treasure. 

Bryce + William - A Beach Wedding in Santa Cruz, California

This is my idea of the ideal wedding: Rent a house in a beautiful place and have a party that lasts a few days. It just works. A big house can keep all your closest loved ones together and takes away so many logistics hassles. You eat together, snack together, read the paper and hang out together... and that leaves room for spontaneity, which so many planned events don't have much room for.