Need a wedding photographer near Madison, Wisconsin? Let's talk.

I don't specialize in weddings, but I love to shoot them. The ephemeral nature of weddings delights me, how so much beauty and intention comes together for such a short time, then *poof*... it disappears the next day. The myriad stories, emotions, and visuals of weddings makes them burst with potential, which is why weddings are such fabulous adventures, events where nobody really knows what will happen, even though so much is planned and scripted. I love how weddings are a last vestige of performance art for ordinary people, where anybody can plan an extraordinary event without any professional qualifications: you just use your imagination and ask family members and friends to pitch in. That's how it can be, at least.

My Style

My wedding photography blends lifestyle, documentary, and traditional portraiture because that's what most families want - something serious, something fun, something laissez faire. 

I'm a very physical wedding photographer; I find interesting perspectives by rolling, scrunching, stretching and (my favorite) climbing. See more of my work on the blog under weddings.

The Spend

Wedding photography services start at $2,395 for one photographer (me) and eight hours of coverage. This includes an initial meeting/planning session, time and talent on the wedding day, post-processing/editing afterward, and delivery of proof images at high resolution. You may add a second shooter, extended coverage, or prints/albums a la carte (please inquire). 


Wedding photography is not my primary income source, so I am often available much later than other southern Wisconsin photographers. And I'm good, so lucky you for finding me. Most dates are still available for 2017.

There are a lot of great wedding photographers in the Madison area, throughout southern Wisconsin, and beyond. If my work resonates with you, drop me a note and we can discuss your vision, needs, and questions.