Family Photography Sessions in Madison, Wisconsin

Family portraits age like fine wine or a good pair of gloves. There is a flutter over them when they are taken (especially in today's social media age), but the attention quickly fades because the images so closely reflect every-day life. As years roll by, those family photos become treasured records of an era in family history, of personalities, relationships, and the places your family called home. The images become emotionally provocative, touchstones to feelings and stories and memories that might otherwise be buried in fuzzy memories.

Madison Family Photography Logistics

Family portrait session vary tremendously. Some folks want a few quick snaps in front of their house, while others love spending time in some of their favorite places. I think the best family portrait sessions give you a chance to settle in, get comfortable, and forget about self-awareness or how you're "supposed to look." The best way to do this is to do something fun during a session that has nothing to do with photography. Like go fishing, or decorate for a party, or shop for new glasses, or conduct a squirt gun research study. Or maybe we just go for a walk somewhere that feels like comfortable or adventurous.

In general, plan on setting aside two hours for your family photo session. Every season is the right one for family photos. I can shoot your tiny family or your big one, in your home or out on the town. 

Madison Family Photo Session Pricing

Standard family portrait sessions are $325, which include a 2-hour session in your choice of locales, post-processing, and a set of high-resolution images on a disc. If you have a larger family (more than six people), the fee is $375. Retouched prints, albums, and other products are available at a la carte pricing. Travel outside of Madison is $0.55/mile and $50/hour transit time.

If you think we might be a good fit, please contact me about being your Madison family photographer.