Childrens Photographer in Madison, Wisconsin

My favorite thing about children is most of them haven't learned how to hide how they're feeling yet. Kids wear their emotions on theirs sleeves, and the pace of change can be amazing. At the same time, kids are naturally wary of strangers, especially the new guy with the big black thing in front of his face. So it take some time to get acclimated, and then it's off to the races.

Madison Childrens Photography Logistics

Kids photos are really just a variation on a family photo shoot, except the parents get to sit on the sidelines (usually because they hate having their pictures taken). And that's okay with me, because kids will do all sorts of crazy things that parents feel too silly to do, and silliness is always a lot of fun.

In general, set aside a couple hours for a photo session with kids. Plan some fun activities and the rest will take care of itself. It can be helpful to have a spare outfit or two on hand, in case things get messy (which they usually do). 


Madison Family Photo Session Pricing

Standard childrens portrait sessions are $275, which include a 2-hour session in your choice of locales, post-processing, and a set of high-resolution images on a disc. Retouched prints, albums, and other products are available at a la carte pricing. Travel outside of Madison is $0.55/mile and $50/hour transit time.

If you are looking for a Madison childrens photographer and would like to discuss booking a session, please contact me.