Lake Monona

Breakfast Morning Portrait Session - Monona Bay, Madison, WI

Michal's mom had been asking her to please, please, please take some updated photos of her and Gavin, since her most recent ones were from their wedding a decade ago (or something like that). So Michal finally relented to stay in Mom's good graces. We talked about where to shoot and settled on a breakfast shoot at their place (though a cyclo-cross shoot was also considered). Done deal.

Michal actually didn't know how to cook eggs, which was awesome. Everyone should maintain a few basic things you don't know how to do, because it makes for great photos when someone teaches you. This is why I still don't know how to ice skate.

After breakfast, we walked out to the barely-frozen Monona Bay. I often walk the rails over the land bridge here early in the morning, it's a great place for capitol views, or to see folks on the lake. The trestle bridges are old and tastefully unimproved, always a nice contrast against a couple beautiful people.

Chris & Blain - A Wedding in Madison, Wisconsin

Our wedding was pretty small (I think we had 40 guests?), but Chris and Blain's was even smaller. A close-friends-and-family affair, low on frills but high on class. Chris got her hair done downtown, met up with her girls and me at the Concourse Hotel off the Square, then we beat feet over to her mom's house on Lake Monona for a beautiful lakeside ceremony. Dinner at the Great Dane's wonderful patio, then cake inside when a surprise shower called for a shift in plans. The newlyweds both looked incredible... lucky them and lucky me.