Molly & Steve

Schedule the shoot... cancel because it looks like rain. It never rains. Reschedule for next week... the forecast calls for rain. Discuss two hours before the shoot... Molly wants to go for it. Drive to small town under dark skies. It begins to rain. Scout the small town, looking for places that make offer any kind of shelter. Rains gets harder. Start thinking about restaurants and bars. Molly calls and says, "It's totally cool, let's just shoot in a bar or something. That will be more fun anyway." Ten minutes before the shoot, the couple calls and says they are early. Rain stops, right then. Go to an industrial area, upon the Molly's request. Explore. Have fun. Get a little dirty. Get a little spooked. Go home.

If every engagement shoot was like this, that would be okay with me. Thanks you two.