Corona Heights Park, San Francisco

Maya and Sebastian gave me TWO days off in the City, so I took off this morning to explore. After walking the length of Bryant Street from downtown, I found some great Mexican food near my brother's place on Portero Hill, then headed through the Mission toward the western hills overlooking the Castro. Stopped in Mission Dolores Park, which was lovely, except for the construction work stirring up dust and making lots of noise. I pushed on west, enjoying the fantastic views the ups-and-downs provide, and eventually reached Corona Heights Park.

Have you ever seen a city park that looks so much like a prairie dog colony? Seems like the result of a city that LOVES to be outside, but simply doesn't have enough room to roam about in. The views up here were first-rate - downtown SF, the Bay, the Oakland/Berkeley Hills beyond were all in view - and the park feels like a fortress, somehow holding off the city's advance at its feet.